Your CBD Store – Peoria & Peoria Heights highlighted in a local news story.

WMBD news interviewed our lead CBD Consultant for their news story. Many thanks to WMBD and Annie Kate for featuring our store in this news item!

WMBD’s Annie Kate reports on potential CBD health benefits, featuring Your CBD Store – Peoria Heights
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Comments on the video:

WMBD News statement: “Still so much stigma around CBD products because of their association with Marijuana.”

Our Response: YES. Far too many people place CBD in the same category as marijuana. The two plants are similar, but not identical. They are cousins in the plant world.

  • Marijuana cannabinoids are mostly THC. A trace amount of CBD can be found in some marijuana plants.
  • Hemp cannabinoids are mostly CBD. A trace amount of THC can be found in some hemp plants.
  • THC doses above 6mg is typically what begins to produce a high. This varies depending upon a person’s metabolism, weight, and tolerance for THC.
  • Hemp oil (a.k.a. CBD) comes in 3 varieties:
    • Isolate (CBD only, no THC)
    • Broad Spectrum (CBD + other natural plant compounds, but no THC)
    • Full Spectrum (CBD + natural plant compounds + <0.3% THC)

So we can see that only Full Spectrum CBD has any THC. CBD itself does not cause any type of high. The amount of THC in an entire bottle of Full Spectrum hemp oil is often less than 2mg. That same 30ml bottle contains a 30 day supply of normal 1ml servings of hemp oil. This calculates to less than 0.067mg of THC per serving. A person would have to buy and consume at least 3 full bottles of Full Spectrum CBD to even begin to get any type of high. That would be a minimum of a 90 day supply all at once. In short, the amount of THC in hemp is at least 60x lower than the amount of THC in marijuana.

Bill Kalman: “It is chemically proven that CBD acts on the same receptors as one of our neurotransmitters – serotonin.”

Our Response: True. There have been many tests done to support this claim. Here are a few links:

Meg Davis: “All you’re doing is helping to level out your endocannabinoid system.”

Our Response: True. While we’re not allowed to call CBD a medicine or a supplement by FDA rules, this is how it works: It acts similar to how other supplements work in helping your body to strengthen itself. For some people, that means better overall health. For others, diminished or eliminated pain. For others still, it means little to no anxiety. We do not pretend to tell folks some far-fetched claim about CBD being any sort of miracle. We tell people the truth and let them decide for themselves. In all honesty, most people choose to take CBD because they are frustrated with the healthcare system and it’s bias towards prescribing pills over actually solving real health issues.

Store Hours:

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About Us:

We thrive on helping you achieve your best health possible. We are thrilled every time a customer shares with us how CBD has changed their life.

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