Why is CBD so expensive?

The simple answer to this is that CBD isn’t expensive, that’s mostly just a perception.

I’ll explain.

A Starbucks coffee can cost $4-5 every trip. Some people do this daily or even 2x a day.

Or how about fast food? This can cost a person $5-10 per day depending on their choices. What are you going to do? You gotta eat, right?

Typically, CBD costs range from $0.83 – $3 a day for each CBD product you buy. That’s less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee or a Happy Meal. Not knocking on Starbucks or McDonald’s, just showing the price comparison between them and CBD.

Oh, you say you make your coffee at home in a Keurig? That’s understandable. A typical Keurig coffee costs $0.68 per cup. At the low end, CBD is about the same expense.

Why do I say all this?

To simply show that CBD costs about the same or less as everyday things we are already doing, yet is far more beneficial to your health than some of these things can be. (Case in point, have you seen the documentary Super Size Me?)

Then again, we could go into the price of healthcare and meds. For instance, in my dad’s case, his insulin was costing him over $340 a month when his insurance ran out on it. He typically had to pay full price for his insulin 2-3 months out of the year. That’s $680-1020. That calculates to $57-85 a month. So if we are already spending this kind of cash on meds that don’t always do the job and can actually be harmful to us over the long haul, then why not spend it on CBD which is proven to not be harmful and accomplishes much in health benefits. It’s as natural to our system as vitamin E.

I hope this helps. Call or contact us if you have any questions at all about CBD.

Reference: Validcare CBD Liver Safety Study

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