What are the Guidelines to taking CBD oil?

First thing, let’s cover all the different names for CBD oil. All of these names are used for the same product and the terms are often used interchangeably.

  • CBD oil
  • Hemp oil
  • CBD extract
  • Hemp extract
  • Tincture
  • CBD tincture
  • Hemp tincture

When shopping for a CBD product online, be sure to avoid products sold on Amazon. They are disguised as CBD, but are not. Amazon’s policy is to sell NO CBD products. Often, you will find “hemp seed oil” in the ingredients list if you read it carefully. You can read a previous blog post on that topic here:

Should I buy CBD on Amazon?

Now that we have helped to clearly define what CBD oil is, we can move on to CBD guidelines…

Suggested guidelines for taking CBD

  • Place under tongue for about 90 seconds (basically until you can no longer taste it)
  • Take CBD when you have a full stomach (slower metabolism = better CBD absorption)
  • Start with 1/2 dropper for 2-3 days and go up if needed.
  • Go directly to a full dropper or more if you are experiencing a severe pain/anxiety issue.*
  • Be consistent. Take it every day. (Key to getting the health benefits you desire.)
  • Read the lab report for the product whenever possible. (No lab report? Avoid it!)
* It’s far more important to immediately attack the issue than to conserve CBD when dealing with severe issues. You and your health are worth the extra expense.

When to not take CBD:

As always, any time you have a question about CBD, call us at 309.659.1908 or write as an email using the form below.

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