Should I buy CBD on Amazon?

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I would recommend that you do not buy CBD on Amazon.

I will explain my position.

​The CBD landscape on Amazon is more than a little complex. I’ll try to simplify it for you.

The first thing to know is that Amazon has a NO CBD policy. Follow that link and specifically check out item 9-i on that web page.

Secondly, I group Amazon sellers into 3 categories: Fakers, Takers, and Breakers.

  • Fakers: Typically Hemp seed oil marketed to copy CBD Hemp Oil products.​ Complete fakes. Saw one product claiming to be 30,000mg. I wonder if they even know how ridiculous that sounds. This is nothing more than preying on the ignorance of the shopper.
  • Takers: Supposed CBD products that actually have no CBD or less CBD than advertised.​​ Sadly, that’s not really a new story. Again, preying on the ignorance of the shopper.
  • Breakers: Those who sell genuine CBD products, but use creative verbiage such as “hemp supplement” to describe the product. Not really breaking any FDA rules, but still breaking the Amazon Seller policy and circumventing the NO CBD standard to make a buck.

We can see that buying CBD on Amazon is a gamble. You simply don’t know if you are getting a good product or not. The CBD landscape is complex enough without adding the Amazon confusion/deception to the mix. Let’s face it, if these companies are willing to lie to be on Amazon, what’s stopping them from lying to you about their products?

Now, if the product you find on Amazon actually does have CBD in it, there are several other factors to consider before buying it:

  1. Is it USDA certified organic?
  2. Is it non-GMO?
  3. Is it grown, processed, and manufactured in the USA?
    (Some CBD from foreign countries has been found to contain heavy metals.)
  4. Is it award winning?
  5. Is the amount of CBD in it as much as advertised?
  6. Is it vegan friendly?
  7. Is it tested for impurities by a 3rd party lab?
  8. What amount of impurities are in it?
    (Insecticides, herbicides, and heavy metals – if any.)
  9. How is the CBD processed? There are clean and unclean methods.
    (The current best method is super critical CO2 extraction.)
  10. Has it been made on the same equipment as peanuts and other nuts?
    (For those who have nut allergies.)

The good news is that Your CBD Store can answer all of these questions and more when it comes down to the products we sell. We do the analysis for you so you can simply relax and enjoy your CBD products. That is what we’re here for. We enjoy doing it for you. We want you to be fully educated so that you can make your own intelligent decision. You are worth every effort we make. You are simply that valuable to us.

Our products meet or exceed all of these criteria. If a product doesn’t, we won’t stock or sell it.

If you wish to order online, we have a few options for you:

Like to read more about CBD on Amazon? Here are a couple of links sharing the same type of information:

Washington Post – Amazon prohibits CBD sales…
CBD School – Buy CBD on Amazon? (The Truth Revealed)

Published by Your CBD Store - Peoria Illinois

Providing only the best CBD expertise and products in the Peoria IL area. All of our Sunmed CBD products are 3rd party lab tested, USDA certified 100% organic, non-GMO, and award winning 2 years in a row at USA CBD Expo, the largest CBD expo event in the world.

2 thoughts on “Should I buy CBD on Amazon?

    1. My opinion is NO. Those who are selling “CBD” or “hemp oil” products on Amazon are not exactly being honest. 1. Amazon has a NO CBD policy. 2. Fakers pretend to be CBD when they are hemp seed oil (no CBD). 3. Takers pretend to be xxxxmg of CBD when in fact they have little to no CBD in them. Lastly, 4. Breakers – break the rules of Amazon to put CBD products on there. If they will lie to get on Amazon, they will lie to you about their products.

      That is not how we operate. We are here to distribute the TRUTH about CBD. Not to make a quick buck off of someone’s ignorance about the product.


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