Your body creates it’s own cannabinoids

Yes. That’s true. Your body creates 2 of it’s own cannabinoids. One example of a cannabinoid your body creates is Anadamide. Anadamide was discovered in 1992 by a team of 3 Israeli scientists at a leading Israeli medical university. It’s known as the bliss molecule. Whenever you are feeling overjoyed about something, anandamide is active in your system. Cannabinoids that occur naturally within your body are called endocannabinoids, since endo means “within the body.”

Anandamide discovered by:

  • Raphael Mechoulam: a leading Medicinal Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • W. A. Devane: not much is known about William Anthony Devane, but he is named in many cannabis research papers.
  • Lumír Hanuš: Analytical chemist and leading authority in cannabis research

So, we can see by this that this discovery was not made in some mom and pop backyard laboratory. It was discovered by experts in their field of research.

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