Big Pharma Uses CBD for Drugs

Cannabinoids occur in the flower Echinacea. One variety of Echinacea is used in traditional medicine. The FDA has approved Epidiolex to treat seizures and sclerosis. It is one of 4 drugs approved by the FDA that contain compounds from the cannabis plant (hemp or marijuana).

Some important facts to know:

  • Cannabinoids are in all sorts of plants – including flowers and herbs.
  • It’s very likely you have encountered cannabinoids in everyday life well before ever trying CBD or THC.
  • Black pepper contains cannabinoids.
  • About 4 FDA approved medications contain cannabinoids (CBD or THC).
  • The FDA approved medication Epidiolex has been studied closely.
  • The CBD in Epidiolex is not as pure as the CBD you can obtain over the counter.
  • An FDA study that states CBD may be harmful in high doses studied only Epidiolex for that report.
  • Epidiolex contains substances that are known to be harmful to the human body, yet it’s approved for human consumption.
  • Substances in Epidiolex include sucralose (Splenda) and ethanol – both which have been proven to be linked to liver and/or intestinal damage.
  • A full, well written editorial on this topic can be found at: Desperately Seeking Harm: Diagnosing the FDA’s CBD Problem

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